Cost Volume Profit Analysis

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Unit 5: Cost Volume Profit Analysis

In this assignment, you will prepare an analysis report using CVP analysis.
This assignment is worth 17.5% of your total grade for the module.

Your Task

Your task is to perform CVP Analysis.
Use your individual student data provided in the excel file you have downloaded before the start of this week to answer the questions in the case study.
Evolution technologies consider launching a new innovative product, the X5A. The product is a new generation smartwatch that collects vital health data and makes a range of prognoses. There are very positive projections about the future market of wearable devices. You can see these here:
The executive team has produced some estimates about the expected sales, costs, and selling price. These are available in this downloadable Assignment data file.
However, they would like you to conduct a CVP analysis and provide your recommendation about the viability of X5A.
Part A: A CVP analysis, consisting of:
1. The contribution per X5A
2. The break-even point, both in units of X5A and as £ of sales.
3. The margin of safety, both in units of X5A and as % of expected sales.
4. The expected profit for the expected sales (assume no cost of borrowing; tax rate of 20%).
5. The selling price that will generate £350,000 pre-tax profit (assume that all other variables remain the same).
6. The impact on net profit if advertising costs increase by 10% and expected sales in units increase by 15%.
7. The CVP chart, showing:
• Total revenues
• Total costs
• Fixed costs
• Margin of safety line
• Profit and loss areas.
Part B: Using the findings in a (1-7), write a synopsis with your recommendations to the executive team. Your synopsis should include a clear recommendation whether you agree or not with the launch of X5A. In your note you should highlight the limitations of CVP analysis that may impact the validity of your findings and recommendations.

Technical specifications
• The word limit is 700 words maximum (exclusive of references).
• Part A should be prepared and submitted as an MS Excel workbook. The workbook should contain formulas and you should avoid hard-coding the data.
• Part B should be completed and submitted in an MS Word document.
• You should provide citations and references to support your calculations and your analysis/recommendations.
• You need to make sure you answer all the questions.
• The word count for this assessment is 700 words plus or minus 10%. The word count excludes footnotes and reference list.
• You should use the NTU Library Harvard Referencing System.
• This assignment uses plagiarism detection software. Remember to reference your work.





































































































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