Counseling Business Website

Parameters: You will write a 4-page paper, not including the title page, abstract, or reference page. This is a
formal paper, so the first person may not be used. Current APA 7 formatting should be followed. You are
required to cite 2 counseling business websites.
Prompt: Find 2 counseling businesses that have websites. These should be brick-and-mortar centers or clinics
rather than large online counseling businesses. For each business, determine who the client population is
(adolescents, adults, etc.), what specific disorders are treated (depression, addiction, etc.), whether out-patient
or in-patient, individual or group therapy, what kind of therapists are employed (licenses, etc. of the therapists),
and finally, the counseling theory that is used.
Use the following sections as Level 1 headings to guide you in writing the paper:
Description of Business (a brief description of the business—outpatient/inpatient, non-profit/profit, location,
Client population
Disorders Treated
Individual/Group Therapy (or other)
Therapist Information (Education, licensure, certification, etc.)
Counseling Theory

Sample Solution