Countering violent extremism

2000 (10% +/-) words Case analysis of Australian and UK case studies, demonstrating the kinds of issues that others have examined and the frameworks through which they have done these analyses. Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) involves a broad range of issues, and is also an attempt to respond to a number of underlying factors that lead to violent terrorist acts, both at home and abroad. For this reason, governments around the world have sought to implement CVE strategies that cover a wide range of policy responses and draw on the resources of a number of different departments.

This essay task requires you to write a critical assessment of either Australia’s or the UK’s CVE policy responses, the essay should address the following:

Whether the policy adequately responds to contemporary issues of violent extremist threats.
The extent to which the policy response balances hard and soft power approaches, and whether this balance is, in your opinion, appropriate.
If the policy is consistent with broader international trends in responding to violent extremism

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