Country Profiles: BRAZIL

Location (include a map and a short paragraph describing the location of the country)
Population and demographics (ages, sex, etc.) (Include a small analysis of the country demographics)
Income per capita (most recent year) (Include a small paragraph analyzing what does that means and how it
compares to other countries)
Main exports and Main Imports (Make a table of both and detail the year and the source)
GDP growth (%) over the past 5 years (create a graph with the source at the bottom and a brief analysis of
what does this mean)
Key relevant issues in International business-related areas (Politics, economics, social, and trade related) Use
bullets and small analysis next to each bullet. The “issues” must include major historical legacies that have
affected the development of the assigned country. The profile will also include the roles of public, private and
third sectors in the country.
The country’s competitive advantage(s) (local, regional, national, international) Identify and analyze the
country’s competitive advantage. This is: why is this the competitive advantage of the country? How did you
arrive to that conclusion?
Future prospects (business, political movements, etc.)International business-related prospects, scenarios,
projects, etc. You will identify the institutions in the country that may be weak or strong and comment on those.
At the end of this analysis, identify a specific business opportunity that you would pursue in this country, based
on your findings. This business opportunity needs to be specific and could be an entrepreneurial venture; or an
expansion of an existing western business model; or even a project that involves non-profits and social goals.
You must explain why there is an opportunity and why it hasn’t been taken advantage of in the past. (Think of
this point as a strategic move)

Sample Solution