Court Analysis

  • Locate and analyze an appellate court case opinion (state or federal) directly related to the course objectives. If you check with the professor first, you may also use a Court of Federal Claims opinion.
  • Explain briefly (like one sentence) why you chose this specific case, and discuss (again briefly) how the opinion relates to one or more of the course objectives.
  • Briefly identify the parties to the dispute and explain the facts of the dispute.
  • Identify and analyze the issues raised by the opinions. If appropriate, include a discussion of the historical context of the case, and practical implications for procurement professionals or policymakers.
  • Locate and discuss any expert commentary that you have been able to find (e.g., law review articles) regarding the opinion and any prior or subsequent opinions or articles that relate to the opinion in question.
  • Discuss any public policy issues raised by the opinion.
  • State your agreement or disagreement with the outcome of the opinion and defend your conclusion.

Sample Solution