COVID 19 Effects on Small Businesses and Economy

For this assignment, you will compose an evaluative annotated bibliography that contains five sources. At least two of the sources must be from the library databases, and the other three can be from the library databases, our text, or credible articles found on the internet. For your annotated bib, please following the following instructions:

(1) Include a title page

(2) Each entry starts with an APA reference for the source

(3) Write a paragraph on the source noting the following: (1) what are the main ideas in the source; (2) what are the strengths and/or weaknesses in the source; (3) how will you use this source in your paper; and (4) why is the source credible according to the Craap test?

Points will be deducted for deviating from these instructions or for not providing detailed annotations.

Sample Solution