COVID-19 Environmental Impact Report

In this assignment we would like you to write a report on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the environment. You should discuss the range of environmental impacts that have been reported around world. Your secondary sources of information could be news articles from reputable media outlets. Proper referencing and citation is very important. You should also review at least two “green recovery plans” from countries around the world and critically appraise the ability of those plans to deliver a modern and sustainable future whilst tackling greenhouse gas emissions. In your conclusion, you should discuss whether you think that once the pandemic eventually subsides, will the environmental changes caused by the pandemic have a persistent and long-lasting effect, or will we simply go back to “business as usual”. Your report should have a maximum word count of “1500” words (a 10% margin is allowable to account for reference and citation text). Use of tables and figures is highly recommended and actively encouraged to help illustrate your points. Any text within tables, figures, or captions, as well as your reference list should not be included in the word limit.

Sample Solution