Create Your Own Civilization from Scratch

Imagine that you could create a civilization from the ground up . What would it be called and why? What would be the ideals of the society be (i.e., What kind of society your civilization wish to promote? What does goals does it promote? What does it wish to achieve)? What would it be like? What would it include?


Your project must address all of the following aspects of civilization


1 Urban Focus


Will your civilization have cities?  If so, how many cities will there be?  How will they be planned or arranged?  How large will the population be? If there are no cities, what kind of population centers will there be and why?


  1. Social Structure


Will your civilization have a class system? How will it be ordered? How many classes will there be?  How will they be determined? Would there be different roles for women and men or not? If you do not have a class system, what kind of social institutions would there be?


  1. Military and Political Structures


How will your civilization defend itself? What kind of fortifications will it have? Will it have a professional army? If not, how will soldiers be recruited when it is necessary to do so?


What would be theory behind the government (i.e.: creating stability, building an empire, preventing one person from having all power, making the lives of the people better, etc.)? What kind of government would it have (think of the different kinds of governments we have examined)?  What branches would the government include and what would be their functions?


  1. Material Complexity


How would agriculture activity be undertaken? What kind of professions would the civilization have? What kind of trade would there be? Would they use coins for financial transactions or would they barter?  What kind of luxury goods would there be available to those who could afford them?


  1. Writing


What kind of writing does your civilization have?  Is it based on an alphabet, syllables, pictographs or ideographs?  What materials are used to preserve texts? What kind fs texts would be written?  If your civilization does not have writing, why not? Without writing how is information preserved?


  1. Religious Structure


What kind religion does your civilization have? Is it polytheistic, henotheistic or monotheistic?  Do you have a professional priesthood? What functions did they perform? If you do not have a professional priesthood, who performs religious ceremonies and how are they chosen?


  1. Artistic and Intellectual Activity


What kind of visual, performing, literary and architectural arts would be pursued in your civilization?  What subjects would they have?  What kinds of scientific and technological practices would it have?




Sample Solution