Creating a direct approach letter

As the founder and president of Successful consulting firm, you decided to splurge and purchase a fine executive desk for your own office. You ordered an expensive desk described as “North American white oak embellished with hand-inlaid walnut cross-banding.” Although you would not ordinarily purchase large, expensive items by mail, you were impressed by the description of this desk and by the money-back guarantee promised in the catalog. When the desk arrived, you knew that you had made a mistake. The wood finish was rough, the grain looked splotchy, and many of the drawers would not pull out easily. The advertisement had promised “full suspension, silent ball-bearing drawer slides.” Your Task. Because you are disappointed with the desk, you decide to send it back, taking advantage of the money-back guarantee. Write a claim letter to Patrick Dwiggens, Operations Manager, Premier Wood Products, P.O. Box 528, High Point, NC 27261, asking for your money back. You are not sure whether the freight charges can be refunded, but it is worth a try. Supply any details needed.

Sample Solution