Creating a questionnaire

This project is creating a collaboration plan for the American fashion brand Thom Browne. The aim of this collaboration plan is to expand the UK market and attract more target customers. We need to design a questionnaire(about 20 questions) for the primary research. This questionnaire is facing to the existing customers of Thom Browne and analyzes the collaboration plan from the answers of these customers.

  • There must be literature to support this survey, clarify the methodology theory and ethics used in this survey and write the process of designing this survey. (1000 words)
  • Exploring the income and consumption of respondents. -Exploring how much do they spend on fashion in their daily life. ( Not a specific number, but a percentage ) -How do they first know about this brand? -How do they describe this brand to someone? -What is the brand image of Thom Browne in their opinion? -Will they be interested in Thom Browne’s collaboration? (Use questions to find out what kind of collaboration they will be interested.) – What is the price range of the items they usually shop at Thom Browne? – What type of items do they usually shop at Thom Browne?

Sample Solution