Creating Effective Organizational Designs

Issues for Debate
Strategy Formulation and Implementation
In lieu of the current discussion questions at the end of the “Issue for Debate” on page 323 regarding Tata
Motors and Tesla students will develop a strategic plan with recommendations for future implementation. For
this assignment, students will walk through the strategic management process. The strategic management
process enables organizations to achieve objectives through three stages: strategy formulation, strategy
implementation, and strategy evaluation. Your strategic plan/recommendations should aim to innovate.
Throughout the development of your strategic plan consider your organization’s responsibility in the greater
social good from a Christian perspective and how your plan address ethics, social responsibility and
sustainability. Imagine you need to present your initial pitch for your Strategic Initiative Plan to Tesla. Develop a
5-7-page paper that outlines your strategic plan and recommendations. In your presentation, address the
following: Provide the vision, mission, and core values of the organization. Complete a SWOT analysis and
Porter’s Five Forces analysis. What is your competitive advantage? Moving forward what specific
recommendations would you suggest for Tesla to implement? How will these efforts be evaluated? Is Tesla
trying to build an ambidextrous organization? Should it be doing so? If yes, what actions can it take to build an
ambidextrous firm? How would you evaluate those actions?

Sample Solution