Creating Team Leaders

You have reviewed leadership qualities and styles and personality traits that typically are associated with
leadership. You have also read about synergy building and team cohesiveness to create productive team
synergy. In addition you have reviewed training concepts for success in teams. In this assignment you take on
the role of a team member to decide how to develop leaders within virtual teams to launch a new company
Checklist: Build on what has been contributed by Sylvia and Marty on the presentation slides to address the
following deliverables:
Describe a process to develop leaders for the teams.
-Address the transactional and transformational leadership styles
Explain how you will help the team build synergy within the team.
Explain how you will help these leaders set the team goals in line with corporate headquarters’ goals to enable
team success.
Provide the CEO with a minimum 10 PowerPoint slides addressing all of the above items along with an
additional title and reference slide, and one short citation in APA format and citation style

Sample Solution