Creation for a research paper

I will provide a template with questions and you will answer in the boxes. You will create an introduction for
a research paper. There are two articles I will provide. there are also two hypotheses. Our research project
is based on anxiety, but into deeper detail.
1). hypothesis statement: strained parent-child relationships are associated with later anxiety in children.
hypothesis justification: A child is like an open book and is likely going to develop based on their childhood
and parental bonding. A lack of relationship between the child and parent, will likely have an effect on their
future relationships, endeavors, and psyche. In the article, Prevention of Childhood Anxiety Disorders, it
discusses the possible ways of preventing future child anxiety by avoiding certain behaviors that would
likely induce it. in another article, Why some siblings thrive whereas others struggle: A within-family study
on recollections of childhood parental bonding with children. Each child had their own experiences and
found that the ones with stronger parental bonding, had lower chances of anxiety and depression but the
children with less parental bonding, had higher chances of anxiety or depression.
2) You will need to come up with the second hypothesis after reading the provided article i give you. the
idea: How parent strained relationships effects future relationships: partners, friends and children.
please provide sources if needed.

Sample Solution