Creative Development Questionnaire

Use the questions below to analyze a product;

Who’s your product? (the nature of your product, the interesting aspects of your product)

Why, your product? (wants or needs on which to base an appeal for your product, which can be either rational appeals (functional needs and wants) or emotional appeals (target psychological, social, or symbolic

Describe or develop the emotional and rational aspects of your product.

What’s your product about? (product features, claims, or how is it positioned in the marketplace

What else about your product? (related ideas/concepts of your target market that need to be addressed, in terms of all of the demand shifters)

Where is your product needed/demanded? (area of the country)

When is it needed/demanded (time of year, time in life).

How’s it used? (style, tone, approach)

Does the average consumer (target market) have specific wants/needs/demands your ad/promotion should address? Think rational and emotional (see Table attached in Module/Week 5’s Reading & Study folder


































Sample Solution