Identify marketing communication issues, and identify and justify specific
decisions that resolve the issues. The decisions focus on; target audience(s) and behaviour
objective(s), communication objectives, brand positioning strategy, creative strategy, and
creative tactics. The report should contain exhibits such as storyboard(s), print message(s), and
audio message(s) that illustrate the creative decisions. Any other exhibits may also be added to
the report for any useful purpose.

Does the analysis,
identify major issues and/or problems?
use and show understanding of the relevant concepts?
clearly state assumptions?
derive conclusions and formulate evaluations of synthesized case facts?
demonstrate unique insight and creativity?
Do the recommendations,
flow from the analysis consistently and logically?
provide clear application of the main concepts?
illustrate comprehensive depth of information of the decision?
demonstrate accurate and advanced understanding of course material?
show that the issues and/or problems are resolved?
Does the presentation have the characteristics of,
Consideration? [appropriate tone & point of view, appealing appearance]




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