Crime Analysis

You will create a report no longer than five pages, no shorter than three pages. You need to highlight the
problem by reviewing the police report data for the district of your choice. You will choose a year and homicide
in 2005, 2006 or 2007. If the district or the year you have chosen does not include homicides, choose another
district or year. The data provided by the Philadelphia police department is limited in scope, you will have to
use the UCR code book provided to identify the specifics of the crime you are looking at. You have the crime,
the time, date and the location, as well as information about presence of drugs, domestic violence and some
demographics of victims. This is real police data, do not share it with anyone outside of class. Use all
resources available to you, check things out on google maps. Spend time on the Philadelphia police
department website and look at what the districts are currently doing about crime. Create charts, use images
(with purpose), to highlight concerns. The paper will be single spaced, 12 pt font.
Your report must contain:
A discussion of the problem, with examples relating back to the data provided for your district.
The problem your district is having with gun crime – be as specific as possible
Who is being affected? (Age, race)
Why? (Drugs, domestic violence, other?)
What is the impact of this crime problem on the community?
What can be done about the problem?
What can the police do?
To decrease crime
To prevent further crime
To ease community fear
To increase community involvement in the solution
What can the community do?
To decrease crime
To decrease victimization
To assist law enforcement
What does the existing research recommend for solutions?

Sample Solution