Crime scene investigation

The paper should concise of a bad police officer, a good cop, and a mom basically. So the bad cop killed someone which is the mom in the story on. The son was found died in the middle of the street. Now no one will know about bad cop Killing the son until the end when the good breaks the case. So throughout this story the bad cop is trying to stop the good cop from solving the investigation because they are partners. Then also through out the bad cop is trying so hard to keep the good cop that he is dropping hints that will lies to the good cop figuring it out. Now the mom the whole time does feel remorse for her died son so they cops think it’s her. But early in the story when the mom came to see the crime scene she touched something so that gave them evidence to lock her away. But the good cop figures out that it’s his partner so he tries to find evidence against but then figure out all the hints he has been dropping connected him to the crime scene but he wanted to free the mom first. So he got evidence to free her and then locked his partner up for the crime.

Sample Solution