Criminal justice

Imagine this scenario: As part of your participation in the summer criminal justice intern program, you have been asked to present on the demographics and disparity of offenders in the courts, probation, corrections, and parole system.

Research statistical sentencing and corrections demographic information. Find data about your local or federal agencies using their websites. Several federal websites are listed in the Resources section below.

Create an engaging 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with examples that:

Describes racial and ethnic group demographic information for your state’s:
Court system
Corrections department
Probation and parole
Describes how biases might affect courtroom proceedings, such as a bail/bond proceeding, pretrial proceeding, first appearance, and legal representation (i.e., having a private lawyer instead of a public defender)
Explains the racial and ethnic disparity found in corrections
Describes the racial and ethnic disparity using the number of people on probation and parole and includes discrepancies in length of time related to each
Provides recommendations on how to address the racial and ethnic disparities in areas discussed
Include comprehensive speaker notes.

Sample Solution