Criminal Justice System

Choose one of the readings for this week:
How does the reading connect to the ideas in the lecture?
If you select Davis’ writing (you don’t have to read the whole book)-what is the history of the prison abolition
movement? How is this movement similar to black lives matter?
Why does Davis believe that our current system of policing and prison needs to be reformed? What evidence
does she use?
If you select The Mark of Criminal Record-How does a criminal record interact with race to create
disadvantage? Was the research experiment convincing? Do you think their findings are representative of the
experiences of men with criminal records in other cities? Why? Why not?
If you select the #BlackLivesMatter
How did the BlackLivesMatter movement change as it grew online? Which countermovements emerged?
Would people refer to the BlackLivesMatter as hashtag activism today? Why? Why not?

Sample Solution