Criminal justice Topic:question and answer

1. is the key feature separating terrorism from other political activity. It’s what makes terrorism a crime. 2.There is one authoritative definition of domestic terrorism that is accepted and used by US law enforcement, courts, governments at all levels, and the public. True False 3.What part of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s history could investigators have raised in his interview to determine that Tsarnaev posed a threat of violence? a.His history of domestic violence b.His interest in mixed martial arts c.His hatred of Russians 4.Arguably, public vigilance, known by the slogan _______, has done more to disrupt terrorist attacks than expensive government programs. 5.The Department of Homeland Security prevents terrorism largely through: a.Screening people, baggage, and cargo b.Raising and lowering the terrorism threat level c.Improving disaster preparedness 6.Why did the authorities determine that Steven Paddock, the mass shooter who attacked an outdoor concert in Las Vegas in 2017, was not a terrorist? 4 sentences 7.Most terrorists have been convicted of terrorism charges. True False 8.On 9/11, Vice President Dick Cheney decided that terrorism would no longer be handled as a criminal issue, but he also ruled out treating captured terrorists as prisoners of war under: a.The Law of the Sea b.Posse Comitatus c.The Geneva Conventions 9.The oldest domestic terrorist organization in the United States is: a.The Weather Underground b.Antifa c.The Ku Klux Klan 10.__ has moved ahead of terrorism as the top threat to the United States, according to the US Intelligence Community.

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