Criminal Justice;strategy leader

You are a strategy leader with the Scottsdale Police Department and your role is to communicate the details,
accomplishments, progress, and concerns of the strategic plan to all stakeholders.
Review your Week 3 individual assignment: Strategic Plan Evaluation for possible details to include in your
communication outline.
Write a 525- to 700-word (more than 700 words is acceptable) APA-style outline (not a narrative paper) for
communicating the Scottsdale Police Department’s Strategic Plan internally and externally. Your information
must be detailed and specific.
Include the following in your outline:
Introduction – (no more than two or three sentences)
Identify methods for communicating the strategic plan to internal and external stakeholders; make sure you
identify stakeholders for both groups and how you will communicate the plan to different stakeholders
Summary of main issues being addressed in the plan and why they are a concern to the public
Influence of stakeholders from each group
Potential detractors to the plan (people or groups who might disagree or object to the plan and explain how or
why they disagree or object)
Conclusion – (no more than two or three sentences)
Include a minimum of two external references, in addition to the strategic plan itself.

Sample Solution