Crisis intervention community project

It is important to have an awareness of the various community-based resources available to the clients we serve. Please pick a community agency that provides services to individuals in one of the following areas:
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Lethality; Sexual Assault; Substance Abuse; Domestic Violence; Bereavement/Grief; Catastrophic events.

Write a minimum three-page summary on the agency of choice while answering the following questions. Please be sure to include at least two scholarly resources.

  1. What type of population does it serve (i.e. Children, adults, seniors)?
  2. How this agency is funded (i.e. federal, state, county). What are the accepted
    forms of payment?
  3. What types of services are provided by the agency (i.e.
    individual/family/group counseling, case management, disaster relief,
    educational services, crisis intervention).
  4. What types of qualifications are needed to work at this agency?
  5. What are some specific skills that worker’s embody which helps them to be
    successful in treating this problem and/or working with this population?

Sample Solution