Critical Analysis of a Disney Song

Write a narrative comparison of a Disney song using the following criteria. This must be written in paragraph
form, three paragraphs minimum with an introduction, body, and conclusion. There is no word length
requirement, however, it is your job as the writer to justify the purpose of this assignment. You will be graded
on content of your narrative analysis; the more detail you can provide, the greater justification you are proving
in your narrative response. When reading your narrative response, it should describe the musical analysis of
the song with details in the animated version and the live action version. This does mean quite extensive
proper usage of terminology and criticism. Your task is to describe what actions are occurring in the scene, as
if the reader has never heard or watched the animated or live action version. You should not be spending a
large portion of this discussing the synopsis or plot of the movie.

  1. Pick a scene from the following list. Only pick one of the following scenes to use in your critical analysis.
    Beauty and the Beast, ballroom scene
    Live action:
    Aladdin, “Friend Like Me”
    Live action:
    The Little Mermaid, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”
    Live action, staged:
    Aladdin, “A Whole New World”
    Live action:
    The Lion King, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
    Live action:
  2. Look up and include the composer of the song or the music from the scene. This is not the Music Supervisor
    or Music Editor.
  3. Describe what is occurring in the scene with the music. Does this work as a part of the plot? Justify why you
    think yes or no.
  4. Name one Aesthetic of Film Music present in the scene with proper justification. If you see and hear more
    than one, justify all Aesthetics mentioned.
  5. Describe the musical content of the scene. Please include some of the following criteria:
    • What differences in the orchestration do you hear from the live action to the animated? Based on the
    differences, do you have a preference for which one you like more or less?
    • Name each singer for each song, from the animated to the live action versions of the song. Listening to the
    singer(s) in the live action and animated versions, what is the voice type of each singer?
    • Assume the reader does not know the proper terminology, briefly define the terms.
  6. Briefly describe the cinematography and editing techniques of the scene and how it relates to the music
    present in the scene. Comparing the animated and live action versions, do you see similar or different
    cinematography? Name one specific point where there is similar cinematography and one specific point with
    different cinematography. Use timestamp markers, lyrics, or musical cues if needed to answer.
  7. Lastly, as a part of your opinion-based narrative, which do you prefer and why? This should be your

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