Critical Media studies and media literacy

1.Select a topic to investigate. Any topic or issue is acceptable that is connected to the course material. (i.e. intercultural teams, ethics, the language ‘problem’ in business, bias, biculturalism, , mergers and acquisitions, organizational culture, in-group/out-group, social capital, leadership, etc.) Your topic should focus on a phenomenon or problem where cultures (national or organizational) come into contact with each other
2.Consider a context, such as place (i.e. country or organization), industry type (, technology), or management practice (i.e. leadership, operations, negotiations, decision making, strategy)
3.Consider a question that you think is interesting such as a “why” or “how” question that moves beyond matters of fact into an inquiry mode.
4.Provide a rationale why the research question is important to you.
5.Research and write an essay that investigates your research question, broadly. You will not be required to conduct an exhaustive study. The objective is to demonstrate ability to research, write, and think critically about an issue. This exercise is like doing a literature review, because you will not be engaging in research with live participants.
6.Provide reference list. Use appendices.

Sample Solution