Your Principal has asked you – a new staff member – to present at the first parent evening for the year about your own teaching approach. The school is a large and diverse school, and the Principal has asked you to present specifically about an issue that is important within this school community.
choose ONE of these four scenarios (describing different issues within a school community) to respond to in your talk.
c) The school has developed a reputation as being good at including children with disabilities. Some parents of non-disabled children have questioned whether their children are getting enough attention in the classroom, as a result of the high enrolments of students with additional needs.

Whichever scenario you choose, you must give a talk about your own teaching approach to the issues in question. As a new teacher at this school, you do not need to know about the specific issue faced by that school or community, but rather must talk generally about how your approach to teaching (in terms of both your curriculum and your pedagogy) will sensitively deal with the issues faced by the students in your class, and their families.

What do you believe as a teacher about the issues facing this school community?
How might you best address these issues, using your existing strengths as a teacher, and the knowledge you have gained through your studies?
How will you make sure that your teaching practices will be as inclusive as possible of all those in the school community?
How have you taken account of Indigenous history and culture within your talk, whichever option you have chosen?
How will you reassure parents, caregivers and other family members, that you will be a valuable and respectful member of this school community?




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