Please complete the 500 words answering bellow requirements.
Please use academic words and references
Please refer to the bellow marking criteria

(a) Firstly, explain why students must critically reflect on their practice (referenced)

(b) Consider social work practice methods and the applicability of the readings to your current placement experience. In what ways is the literature informing your practice? (very important)

(c) Explain what is meant by linking theory and practice in social work and why this is important?

Marking Criteria and Standards: Students are expected to demonstrate Mastery in relation to your particular placement learning goals, so that you can:
• Demonstrate the skills needed for working within human services organisations.
• Explain and be able to demonstrate the different skills needed for working with a range of service users and providers
• Demonstrate the skills and knowledge that will assist them to successfully complete the 408 hours of their first of two professional practice experiences.
• Develop to a more advanced level of knowledge and skills in their social work practice
• Critically evaluate their own performance in a variety of practice contexts Demonstrate an ability to critically assess the need for appropriate services and be able to take action to develop these services. Final grades are subject to confirmation by the School Assessment Committee


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