Critical thinking

This is a “Critical Thinking” assignment so you must go beyond just giving factual content, and demonstrate your comprehension of the material. To accomplish this, the assignment will be asking you to “compare and contrast” your selected worldview (Secular Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam) with the biblical worldview.

• Compare:How are the 2 worldview positions similar or the same?

• Contrast:How are the 2 worldview positions different?

In your paper, you must follow the outline and answer the questions below.

How would the worldview that you selected answer these 5 worldview questions:

  1. The Question of Origin – (What is the origin of the universe etc.? How did humanity come into existence?)

i. How would your selected worldview answer this question?

ii. Compare and contrast this with how the biblicalworldview would answer this question.

Sample Solution