Critical thinking Analysis

Write a critical analysis of “Blue Collar Brilliance,” Your essay must be at least 1200 words, and no more than
2000 words. Am for 1,400 words. You do not count words from the Work Cited page in this total. You must use
quotations from the text you’ve chosen to analyze to support the points you make, and they must be cited in
the text of your paper according to MLA format. Notes: 1- The essay found in the Norton Reader fifteenth
edition should be from this book specifically. 2- the citation quotes must be from the same book ((Norton
Reader 15th Edition)) and after quotes you should mention the page number in parentheses l. No outside
quotes or sources only the book Norton Reader 15th edition 3- the citation should be MLA format 4- The work
cited page should be in Anthology format. 5- when you mention the Author’s name you should mention only his
last name. 6- Content Requirements Remember that your essay is an analytical argument that focuses on the
text you are examining. Although you will briefly summarize the text at the outset of your paper, the content of
your essay must be analysis. Remember that the text has a certain historical context. Briefly inform your reader
about this context in the introduction or first body paragraph. Be sure to identify and explain the author’s
Purpose, Audience, and Thesis(( in a separate paragraph for each one)) and Select appropriate quotes from
the essay to support your claims. Also, identify the author’s Tone and Strategy.((In a separate paragraph)) Why
did he/she choose the Tone and Strategy he/she did? Select appropriate quotes to exemplify these as well. Be
sure to evaluate the author’s use of the Three Appeals: Logical (Logos), Emotional (Pathos ), and Ethical
(Ethos). Although all three are present, which are the more important ones? Why? Again, quotations are
needed to support your claims.(( at least 3 quotes for each one of the logos, ethos, and pathos)
Finally, evaluate how successful/unsuccessful the text is in achieving the author’s goals.

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