Critical Thinking Essay in Regards to Social Work


This is an assignment of 2 pages double spaced. A total of 4 and the assignments are as followed.
Critical Thinking Essays (CTE)
Students have the opportunity to critically examine key topics, use research-based literature in
relation to course objectives and readings about a given subject matter such as the knowledge,
values, diversity and/or skills involved with working with individuals and families representing at-risk
or oppressed groups. If a student is not in class on a given day, she/he is expected to send the CTE
before the beginning of the scheduled class time through UHCL email.
CTE Expectations
The requirement for CTEs are as follows:

  1. Analysis of practice, theory, & ethics and their relationships
  2. Literature from at least 4 sources (2 sources MUST be from peer-reviewed SW journals)
    a) Course text may be a reference
    b) SW Ethics must be referenced
  3. APA style
  4. Cover page with the CTE number (1-4) and the due date
  5. 2 or more full pages, formatted with 12 point font size and 1-inch margins
  6. Reference page.

Sample Solution