Critically appraise the journal article, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the article in order to assess the usefulness and validity of the research findings, by answering BOTH of the following two questions:
Question 1:
What is your view of the quality of the article?
In answering this question, you should give regard to any of the following questions, if they are relevant:
“Did the paper describe an important management problem or issue addressed by way of a clearly formulated question?
“Was the approach to collecting data or evidence appropriate?
“How were the setting and subjects selected?
“What was the author/researcher’s perspective, and has this been taken into account?
“What methods did the researcher use for collecting data, and are these described in enough detail?
“What methods did the researcher use to analyse the data/information and what quality control measures were implemented?
“Are the results credible, and if so, are they managerially important?
“What conclusions were drawn, and are they justified by the results?*
Question 2
What is your view of the significance of the article, including the theory it covers, on management practice in health organisations? In answering this question, clearly state the implication for management practice.

Your critical appraisal should be based on peer-reviewed scientific literature that you have sourced for yourself through literature and database searches; that is, scientific journal articles, papers, books and so on. You can also reference published government reports and publications, institutional reports and regulatory standards, and other similar official materials. Do not use general websites for information.
You must cite all of your sources using the Vancouver referencing style. If your contribution to the conversation includes the intellectual property (authored material) of others (including books, journal articles, grey literature, magazines, news articles, websites, social media, etc.) they must be given appropriate attribution.

Note: I will upload the article and the rubric criteria for the assessment.


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