Crowdsourcing project

Select one project you feel you would be willing to support.

Answer the following questions:

Describe the project you selected. How many funders does the project already have?
What made this project appealing to you? Does having more or fewer funders influence your decision to support the cause? Why?
What appealed to you most about this project in terms of the content presented? What do you find least compelling?
What psychological theory could help to explain why people might choose to participate in these collaborative projects?
What responses did you notice from those who may already have participated? Did they seem to feel part of something?
What accountability do the project creators have to those who have donated on behalf of their cause? Are their ethical considerations for crowdsourced sites that seek funding, expert knowledge, and ideas?
Although many find crowdsourcing and collaborative online activity to be beneficial, some may choose not to participate in social media for group activities. What might be their reasons? What alternative channels or offline activities could provide the same results?

Sample Solution