CSR policies

The board of directors of Primary are considering whether to move their production facilities to an emerging market. They have yet to make a decision. However, initial research indicates that such a strategy would lower costs and potentially be very lucrative, increasing returns to shareholders.

  1. You are required to produce a 3000 word essay based on the following tasks:
  2. An introduction to the company and its current CSR policies (10%)
  3. Discuss how CSR may contribute to a company’s success from the perspective of different stakeholder groups (20%)
  4. With reference to appropriate theory (eg, triple bottom line, sustainable supply chain management, etc), analyse the challenges and advantages of moving manufacturing to an emerging market (40%)
  5. Based upon your answers to (1), (2) and (3), evaluate critically whether or not the company should pursue the proposal? (30%)

Referencing your work

The APA method of referencing uses the author’s name and the date of the publication. In-text citations give brief details of the work you are referring to in your text. For example:

Coutu (2009) found that every team needs a deviant There are many examples of where teams go wrong (Coutu, 2009)

References are listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order by the author’s name. The general format of an electronic journal reference in the APA style is shown below:

Coutu, D. (2009). Why Teams Don’t Work. Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 98-105. Retrieved from EBSCO http://searchebscohost.com

Author/s name and initials are listed first, followed by year of publication in brackets. Then there is the title of article and the journal where the article appears, which is in italics. Then state the volume and issue number (in brackets) along with the pages where article can be located. Finally add the name of the database, followed by the web address. Wherever possible use the homepage URL rather than the full and extended web address.
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