Cultural Awareness Socialization

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On page 39 of the document, please respond to the Practice Application 2.2 My Cultural Awareness
Through your social work coursework, you have gained
knowledge and skills related to cultural competence in
social work practice. Now that you are worklng in a practlce
setting, consider revisiting your self-awareness of cultural
Issues that may Impact your practice. Uslng the followlng
guidelines (adapted from Bender, Negi, & Fowler, 2010,
p. 38), create an updated written self-assessment’

  1. Describe yourself ln terms of age, birthplace, social class
    and status (during childhood), current cultural orientation, and any other relevant facts.
    2 Explore the background of your parents, grandparents,
    and great-grandparents
    3 Discuss your conclusions about yourself ln the context
    of the Impact of your family’s experiences of assimilation on your current sense of Identity and perception of
    future cultural competence,
    To complete your current self-assessment, consider interviewing
    family members for historical Information and issues related to
    privilege and/or structural barriers that were experienced. Upon
    completion of your self-assessment, you may want to share it
    with classmates and/or your field Instructor to gain Insight Into
    the following areas that may Impact your practice
    • Self-awareness of ethnic and racial Identity, including identification with “mainstream America,” personal
    with discriminations, and recognition of white privileges’
    • Self-awareness of ethnics roots, including any applicable
    struggles and epiphanies with assimilation, discrimination
    and diversity while growing up
    • Components of social work practice, including your
    understanding of the role of ethnicity/race in the social
    work process, development of empathy, new/validated
    cultural awareness, and value of ongoing self-reflection

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