Cultural Capital by Sociology

Watch the video-Cultural Capital by Sociology Live ( ), and the video ( ), and then, read the article that I will provide later, and write 300 words minimum reflective paper to answer the following questions: (explain your answers thoroughly)
The public education system was considered “the great equalizer.” This means that despite our race, social class, gender, etc. all of us have an equal opportunity to succeed in life, if we simply work hard enough. Success would be defined as, stable, secure job and financial stability.
1.What are your thoughts on this argument? Do you think that our education system serves as the great equalizer? Explain. 2.How does ones neighborhood affect ones chances for success in education? Describe at least one example. For example, what are some of the effects of social isolation that result from living in disadvantaged areas? 3.What role does cultural capital play within the realm of education? Describe at least 2 examples. 4.Does everyone have the cultural capital that is needed to maneuver through higher education? Explain. 5.How can one acquire cultural capital if they do not possess it? Explain.



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