Cultural Competency

The notion of a continuum of cultural competency pervades much discussion of practice among individuals of
heterogeneous racial and cultural backgrounds. According to the National Center for Cultural Competence
(n.d.), the term cultural competency denotes organizations that have “…a defined set of values and principles,
and demonstrate behaviors, attitudes, policies and structures that enable them to work effectively crossculturally.” Although many believe that achievement of cultural competency represents a worthy goal for social
justice practitioners, others suggest that mere “competency” is insufficient.
For this Discussion, consider the importance of cultural competency. Take a position for or against the
assertion that a state of cultural competence among individuals is inadequate as a social justice goal.
Post your position regarding the assertion that cultural competence is inadequate as a social justice goal.
Explain your position, and substantiate it with a minimum of two arguments. Be specific, and provide
references to the Learning Resources.

Sample Solution