Cultural Variations & Ethical dilemmas in the Pediatric population (HAITI)

Choose a country via wiki post so other students can see the country you chose. Once a country is chosen, it
may not be used again by another student.
Topics to discuss include: child rearing, educational system, health care, common diseases, differences in the
way genders are treated (if any), courtship and marriage customs. Lastly, discuss one major ethical dilemma in
regard to pediatrics within the country. Choose and discuss at least two ethical terms/terminology as it relates
to the dilemma.
The paper should include a title and reference page with the use of Headers in the body of the paper. No
abstract is needed. It is expected that the paper will be 5-6 pages long (not counting title or reference page), in
APA format, double-spaced and supported by literature. At least 3-5 peer-reviewed articles from
PROFESSIONAL nursing or medical journals should be used to support your paper. Wikipedia, up-to-date,
dictionaries or national clinical practice guidelines are not acceptable for this paper. Use primary sources when

Sample Solution