Culture Analysis

Identify aurally and structurally various styles of African, Caribbean, South, Central, and North American, and,
at the discretion of the Professor-in-charge, a non-African Diaspora music (i.e., Middle Eastern, or Asian).
Here we will look at performances and instruments common to this region and amongst the people. The terms
to know for this chapter are: China: Dynasty, Bayin, Sizhu, Qin-Guqin,Tablature, Jingju; Mongolia: The
overtone series, Khoomei; Korea: P’ansori; Japan: Gagaku, Sankyoku, Kabuki ; Tibet: Dung Chen.
China instruments: Describe the sound, do not produce background information only write about what you
hear, feel and see use the term tablature to define her playing and when you hear the melody as opposed to
the background music. The usage of the word form should be of great help.

Sample Solution