Culture and Emotions

https://www.nprorg/2017/06/01/530936928/emotions-part-two -Listen to the podcast (the section I want you to listen to ends at 22 min into the episode) -Answer the questions below: We often think of emotions as existing only on the -nature- end of the “nature/nurture” spectrum.

  1. Based on what we have been learning so far this semester, do you think emotions are acquired culturally? How? Please relate emotions and culture using at least 2 concepts we have discussed in class.
  2. Would you agree that there are emotions that exist but that aren’t present in a culture because the concept itself of that emotion (or even the language necessary to explain it) is not taught in that culture? Explain.
  3. How do we see this (referencing question #2) in the story of Renato and Shelly Rosaldo? Give examples.

Sample Solution