Culture and Intercultural Communication: Cross-Cultural Communication

“Culture and communication are so inextricably bound to one another that some cultural anthropologists believe the terms culture and communication are essentially synonymous. This relationship between culture and communication is the key factor in understanding communication, and more specifically, intercultural communication.” from Culture: Our Invisible Teacher

Please view Pellegrino Riccardi’s “Cross Cultural Communication” and consider the following questions down below as you watch. I provided the link for video down below:
Both Closed Captioning and the Transcript for this video are available via the Ted Talk link embedded above. Please open in full screen mode to access Closed Captioning.

Riccardi discusses something he calls “Accepted and Familiar.” He provides you will a number of examples that illustrate this idea of “accepted and familiar.”
Answer these questions down below:
Q1. Identify and Define this concept as you understand it from his description. (91 words or more)

Q2. Then provide an example that you have come across in your work, school, or personal life that demonstrates this concept and how there are differences in cultures both obvious and subtle. (91 words or more)

Sample Solution