Culture and stereotype

How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You? Review
What is the topic of the thesis?
Is a CLAIM being made? (for this paper, claim means that the thesis answers the question in italics on topic sheet)
What is the claim? What is the why/what/how? (A basic reason why does need to be present in thesis).
Is thesis too broad? Narrow? Make thesis more manageable.
Make the language in your thesis more specific. Cross out any words, phrases that will help clear up the meaning and/or add words, phrases that help, etc.)
Is the thesis interesting? Does it fall back on “canned” ideas (so unoriginal it seems as if it comes from a can)? How can it be made more interesting?
Could someone argue the opposite/alternate of your thesis? If the answer is no, something needs to be fixed before you go on. Come up with a suitable alternate/opposite and write it below.
What is topic (main idea) in the first body paragraph? What will be discussed?
Write the topic sentence (for 1st body par.) below.
In the 1st Body Paragraph, does everything in the paragraph correspond to the promise made in the topic sentence (unified)? Cross out any portion (phrases/entire sentences) that doesn’t belong.
Do you achieve coherence in the 1st body paragraph? (Remember that coherence is about the reader understanding, not you.)
What words or phrases in the paragraph move the reader through ¶? Write them below. Make suggestions as necessary.
List two supporting details (evidence from the essays in book or personal examples) that support the topic sentence in the first body paragraph.
Do all the details help prove thesis?
Which quotations did you include in this paragraph? (Each paragraph should have multiple quotations.) It’s okay to list quotations by putting the first four or five words of the quotation and then putting an ellipsis…
Find at least one piece of additional evidence (quotation or example) you could use to cement the claim made in the first body paragraph– Write it in the space below.
Does your works cited page follow the requirements listed in the textbook?

Sample Solution