Culture and Violent Behavior

1- Lee and Ousey’s 2011 article, “Reconsidering the Culture and Violence Connection: Strategies of Action in the Rural South,” from the Journal of
Interpersonal Violence, volume 26, issue 5, pages 899-929-
2- Bent-Goodley’s 2013 article, “Domestic Violence Fatality Reviews and the African American Community,” from Homicide Studies, volume 17, issue
4, pages 375-390- The author reviews analyses and data regarding domestic violence among African Americans-

Summarize the Key findings of the research articles you read for this unit regarding the connection between culture and violent behavior.
Discuss how cultural variables directly affect specific acts of violence in these articles-
Describe the roles that culturally informed law enforcement can and should play in relation to offenses that are ethnically-rooted-
Discuss how your own cultural identity may impact your personal views and professional practices related to violence and public safety




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