Culture, Health Care, and the Use of Interpreters

Resource: Cultural Self-AssessmentPreview the document…………
Complete the cultural self-assessment……..
Consider this composite patient:
Mr. Rodriguez is a 39-yr-old man who come in to clinic today complaining “blurry vision”. He is monolingual
Spanish speaking and has lived in Richmond, Ca. for about 8 years. He works as an undocumented laborer
and has no health insurance and cannot buy any insurance using the Affordable Care Act. He is married with 4
school age children. His vital signs are: 98.6 149/96 88 14 Ht 5′ 8″ Wt 190 lbs. He drinks a couple six packs of
beer on the weekends. He does not smoke. When you check his random blood sugar (RBS) the result is
Write a response based on the readings and your experience taking the cultural self-assessment to the
following discussion questions in the discussion forum:
1) What is missing in the self-assessment? What else do you need to consider in order to provide cultural
informed care for Mr. Rodriguez?………
2) Based on your reading for this module write 3 tips you will use to work with a medical interpreter when
providing care for Mr. Rodriguez……
3)Do you think that obtaining your DNP would help you care for Mr. Rodriquez? Why or why not?….

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