Culture of violence

Write an essay between 1,800 and 2,000 words (excluding citations and bibliography) on ONE of the topics below. The essay is not just a summary of information but needs to show a good understanding of the complexities involved on the specific issue.

Essay Questions – Choose ONE of the following:

1. Pick an autobiography of a soldier OR a war journalist OR a war survivor, and critically analyse its portrayal of war and its human impact.

2. Is there a war worth initiating? If you agree and say yes, identify the conflict that has not started (yet) that you would support. Give reasons for support, use evidence and research to support your position and anticipate objections to your position. If you do not agree, explain and discuss your reasons with specific reference to one or two recent and/or ongoing conflict, anticipating objections to your position.

3. Choose a current OR ongoing conflict and analyse the commonly accepted reasons for this conflict, then delve deeper and articulate the real causes or underlying issues causing the conflict. Discuss the contrast between the two




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