Curbing Unemployment

Mid semester exam due this week today (online by Friday
a. How is the unemployment rate calculated? What are the three conditions
someone needs to meet to be counted as unemployed?
b. What are the problems in measuring the unemployment rate? In what ways does
the official ABS measure of the unemployment rate understate the true degree
of unemployment? In what ways might the official ABS measure overstate the
true degree of unemployment?

  1. What would be some general reasons why a firm would lay off a
    substantial number of workers?
    a. Prior to each federal election in Australia, the government always
    claims that they have created hundreds of thousands of jobs during
    their term of government. Is this claim correct? Briefly explain your
    b. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were eliminated from the Australian
    economy in 2016. Does this explain why the unemployment rate also
    rose during this year? Explain.
    a. What are the costs to individuals of being unemployed? Is the cost to society of
    unemployment equal to the sum of the costs to the individuals? Why or why
    b. In addition to the payment of unemployment benefits, discuss why extra costs
    are borne by the federal government during times of rising unemployment.

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