Current Event Review

Report on a current event from a sound scientific media outlet (USGS news or Science Mag, rather than CNN). Submit in WebCampus. Write 1 page and (single-spaced, 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font) responding to the following: Explain the current event and the geological aspects behind it. It will be easy to repeat the headlines of: event strength (quake magnitude), lives lost, and money spent BUT we want to know the science behind it! Explain that in your review.

Here’s what I’ll be looking for:


The science and mechanics behind the event using the terms from 1) lecture, 2) any assigned reading for that week posted in the module, and 3) online sources listed in the back of the syllabus
Some historical context (i.e. volcano along the Pacific coast of South America–Do they happen often there? If so, how do regular volcanoes impact people’s lives? What do they do to withstand regular eruptions?)
Small amount about how the local residents and global countries are involved and adapting to the disaster

Sample Solution