Current Issues

Select from one of the topics below:
• Net Neutrality & Social Media: What the impact of the recent ruling from the FCC could mean
• Facebook & Cambridge Analytica: Personal privacy and social media
• Responsibility in the age of the social media celebrity: The Logan Paul Paradigm (to be clear, this does not just have to focus on the events that happened in Japan or Yosmite. Rather, the broader context of social media celebrities and how they act/promote ideas/actions (ir)responsibly should be the focus). As an alternate topic related to this issue, you could also discuss the responsibility that sites like YouTube should have in ensuring content is provided in accordance with its policies
Social media is not only connecting us with our friends and colleagues, it is significantly impacting society more broadly in ways that are important to understand. This assignment is designed to allow you to explore an area of current relevance. Broad topics are provided so that you can evolve them into an area that you find of interest.

Compose a 1000-word essay describing the key issues that are being impacted in the realm that you have selected and describe how social media/social networking/social business is influencing your topic area.
Articles to help you get started:
• Net Neutrality & Social Media: What the impact of the recent FCC ruling could be for social media and your online experience




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