The curriculum plan assignment will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation. No additional document is required.

“Curriculum Plan Part I” should serve as the basis for Part II. Keeping the descriptions of the community, school/school district and students in mind and the targeted course/subject matter and grade level you’ve chosen, work out the following in a 10-15 slides PowerPoint presentation:

Identify the grade level, course name and targeted content. (Example: 10th grade American History, Reconstruction)
Give the position of the content focus within a scope and sequence. (Example: After the Civil War study and before World War I)
Design a series of thematic lessons for at least two themes within the focus area, each with a guiding question and 3 lessons (including icebreakers and motivational aids).
Describe assessments and rubrics to be used (NO exams).
Reflect on how all of the above will be deployed with the specific needs of your students addressed. (For example, how things may be modified for learning disabled students or how there are options that allow every student to be successful with an assignment OR how options will allow for different learning styles.)

Sample Solution