Customer Business Relations

Ramuk owns a commercial bakery, Ramuk Bakery, that makes many different products. These products include breads, desserts, specialty cakes, and many other baked goods. Each baked good has a specialist (employee) that oversees the setup of the baking operations and inspects the finished product. Ingredients such as flour, spices, and milk are purchased from vendors. Sometimes an ingredient is purchased from a single vendor, and other times an ingredient is purchased from many vendors. Every night Ramuk physically checks to see if he is running out of ingredients. If an ingredient stock is low, Ramuk faxes order data about the ingredient(s) on an order form that he uses to place an order.

The bakery has commercial customers, such as schools and restaurants, who regularly place orders for baked goods. These orders are placed by customers by calling Ramuk. Often Ramuk receives his orders a day before they are to be delivered. After receiving the orders from customers, for each product on the orders Ramuk must determine the ingredients needed to complete the order and how much time is needed to complete the work. In some cases, it is important to determine the sequence in which the orders must be completed. This data is used to create a baking schedule for the morning to ensure that products can be completed and delivered on time. He then contacts Lina Delivery LLC, a local delivery service, to schedule delivery of all ordered products in the morning. The delivery service picks up the ordered products and the invoices in the morning, which are delivered to the customer. In some cases, the orders may be mailed. Customers normally mail payment checks to Ramuk. When customer payments are received, a sales receipt is issued to them. Some customers stop by and purchase products available in the bakery. Ramuk processes their order in the bakery and accepts both cash and credit card for these transactions.

In the last year, the bakery has witnessed explosive growth and Ramuk realizes that he needs to create an information system (customer suggestion – see email below) to organize and manage his business and forecast demand for the products in his bakery.

From: Ramuk Bakery fan
To: Ramuk
Date: September 10, 2021
Priority: Highest
Subject: Suggestion from a fan of the bakery

Hi Ramuk. Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by earlier today to pick up bread and bagels. To my disappointment I was informed that my favorite Laufabrauð bread and Jalapeno Cheddar Beer bagels were sold out. Your employee was very courteous, and she informed me that the phenomenal growth of the business had frequently resulted in similar situations where customers were not able to get the product they wanted. You know that I love the bakery and will continue to buy in the future. However, you may want to consider using a computer-based information system for understanding demand for your bakery products and managing inventory, so customers get what they need.
Use the above narrative to complete the following two use cases that will help Ramuk forecast demand and manage inventory for his bakery.

a. A customer placing an order for a product from Ramuk bakery from the customers perspective
b. Ramuk placing an order with the supplier for ingredients needed for baking products from the viewpoint of Ramuk

Please use the following template for completing this assignment.

Use Case Name: ID: Importance Level:
Primary Actor:
Short Description:

Type: External / Temporal
Major Inputs:
Description Source



_ Major Outputs:
Description Destination

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