Customer Relationship Management

You are approached as a consultant (by the organizers of Alpe d’HuZes) to provide an overview to new employees to why
segmenting a customer base is critical in managing Customer Relationships. Please explain how segmentation can help
address the 3 main achievement goals for CRM – with as many other industry / company examples as you see fit – to fully
explain the value of segmentation, and how it can relate to the situation for Alpe d’HuZes. List and explain what
segmentation strategy (what criteria) you would use.
Now that Alpe d’HuZes has conducted some key primary research it seems like people have varying different types of
motivations for which to participate in the annual event. However, now Alpe d’Huzes needs to strategize how specifically
the organization should strategically allocate its resources (financial, staff, marketing, sales, supply chain, etc). With that all
to be said:
• Considering the above 3 main achievement goals for CRM (from question #1), how should Alpe d’HuZes allocate
their resources to achieve each goal? In other words, for example, assuming a $100,000 budget for the next year
(what % of that would be allocated to each customer segment you have identified), and why?In addition, how
should the organization allocate staffing, customer service and sales to each group and why? (6 points)
• One the resource plan and breakdown have been allocated, what different marketing tactics would you
recommend (as examples), therefore Alpe d’HuZes implement before, during or after the event to the customer
segments and why to have the most effective event to date? (4 points)

Sample Solution