Customer relationships fit into a vision

1.How do customer relationships fit into a vision for a given product and the overall organization? How does an organization use this relationship to meet customer satisfaction through branding and advertising?

2.Should chain stores imitate the packaging of leading brands? . Why or why not?

3.The Marketplace Live simulation involves business-to-business (BTB) marketing of computer products. Social media is often considered for business-to-consumer (BTC) marketing. Does social media marketing work in the BTB marketplace? Why, or why not? How might you use social media marketing in the Marketplace Live simulation to build relationships with business buyers? Provide at least two specific examples and defend your choices.

4.Social media marketing depends on involvement and word-of-mouth. However, there are risks when using social media marketing. Discuss the pros and cons of using social media such as Linkedln, Facebook, and online blogs as part of an integrated marketing communications strategy in the Marketplace Live simulation. Define at least two advantages and two risks to using social media to sell computers to business customers.

5.Analyzing outcomes from previous months is a helpful step in refining projections and a process. Discuss the importance of evaluating the competition and continually refining your position in the market to maintain an advantage.

6.What are the various types and functions of marketing intermediaries? Which are more important for large business and why? Which are more important for the small business and why? How could additional marketing channel options in the simulation help you better serve your target market?

7.What global marketing challenges would you face if the simulation were based on a real-world situation? Discuss the difference in the experience you would have with the assumptions built into the simulation

8.Think of two creative ideas for services to be provided by the grocery industry. Be very specific in terms of the rationale behind your approach, and the systematic procedures you would use to introduce your services to the market.

9.Assume that you are a marketing manager charged with developing and leading a market entry into a country with a large power distance index (PDI). What are three major concerns from a marketing viewpoint that you would need to address? Explain.











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